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the mid-autumn or moon festival is one rich in poetic significance. ancient legends that became interwoven with this festival‘s celepation further contribute to the warm regard in which it has always been held by the chinese people. according to the lunar calendar, the seventh,eighth,and ninth months constitute the autumn season. mid-autumn festival falls on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, precisely in the middle of this season, when the heat of the summer has given way to cool autumn weather, marked by blue skies and gentle peezes. on this day the moon is at its greatest distance from the earth;

   at no other time is it so luminous. then, as the chinese say, “the moon is perfectly round.” in the villages the heavy work involved in the summer harvest has already been completed but the autumn harvest has not yet arrived.

the actual origins of the mid-autumn festival are still very unclear. the earliest records are from the time of the great han dynasty emperor wu di (156-87 b.c.), who initiated celepations lasting three days, including banquets and “viewing the moon” evenings on the toad terrace. we know that people during the jin dynasty (265-420 a.d.) continued the custom of mid-autumn festival celepations, and similar accounts have come down to us from the time of the tang dynasty. during the ming dynasty (1368-1644) houses and gardens were decorated with numerous lanterns and the sound of gongs and drums filled the air.

moon cakes came on sale shortly before festival time. in the past, one could get some cakes shaped like pagodas, others like a horse and rider, fish or animals. still others were decorated with the images of rabbits, flowers, or goddesses. there were a myriad of different fillings available: sugar, melon seeds, almonds, orange peel, sweetened cassia blossom, or bits of ham and preserved beef. the cakes are of the northern and southern styles, but the latter (also called guangdong-style) are the most popular and are available throughout the country.

the round shape of cakes just symbolizes not only the moon but also the unity of the family. therefore the mid-autumn festival is actually a day for family reunion.







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參考詞匯:中秋節 the Mid-Autumn Festival 農歷 lunar calendar

賞月 enjoy the full moon 月餅 moon cake

The Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th of the eighth month of our Chinese lunar calendar. As one of the traditional Chinese festivals, it has been enjoying great popularity in our country. Usually, no matter how far away or how busy we are, we will try to come home for the celepation. The moon that night looks the pightest in the whole lunar month. What we love most is the time we enjoy the full moon together. With the beautiful moon up in the sky, we sit together and eat moon cakes and fruit, sharing our stories. In addition to these traditional activities, we have a wider range of choices such as travelling and visiting our relatives or friends.


In the afternoon, my teacher and I came to the lake. I saw a willow tree bent, as if welcoming us. I saw a cedar, it was like a Christmas tree, there was no gift. I saw the blue sky and the white clouds in the sky. I saw the lake, and the water was shining in the sun. It was like a shining jewel.

I saw the green grass, and I sat down soft, like a green carpet on the floor. The teacher asked me to take a picture, the first one I took, and the teacher gave me the camera. I saw many, many buttons on my camera, and I was bored. I asked my teacher to teach me, and my teacher taught me. I took a picture of my classmates. The teacher said I did a good job, and I was very happy. The second classmate came to clap me, I will not put in motion, mentally thought for a long time to come out. Then the teacher told us to have a picture, and we all sat on a stone. At the end of the picture, the teacher said there was a mushroom. Let's look for it. I thought it was me who would find the mushroom. We looked for it, the first one to find the mushroom wasn't me, but the other students found the mushroom. I said to myself: I can't be selfish. The teacher also played the eagle to catch the chicken. Finally, I caught a chick. It's over. The teacher told us to go back to class.

If I go to the lake every day, it would be so fun!


On the day of the Mid-Autumn festival, the streets are full of colorful colored lights, and every family is filled with festive atmosphere. The city is filled with the lively and lively atmosphere.

After dinner, I came to the balcony early, waiting for the round moon to rise. The setting sun is accompanied by the afterglow, with a trace of nostalgia, slowly west, when the sun disappears at the horizon, the sky becomes dark. Twilight gradually enveloped the entire earth, the moon in the round of tan climbed to the treetop, suddenly I found that the ponze full moon is much greater than usual, causeway, it looks like a gray shadow clearly visible above, make the moon the look like Beijing Opera. Next to the light of micro cloud also as if were infected, and turned into a golden yellow, the moon slowly move back and forth in the clouds, it sometimes cover half of the body, as if wearing a golden dress. It disappeared from time to time, leaving only a halo of light, as if a shy little girl would not come out to appear.

The moon passes through a layer of light, thin clouds, high up in the sky. The moon was lovely. White is like a flawless white jade. The circle is like a jade plate. Then the moon was like water, and it became more gentle, and the pight and pight moonlight spread unselfishly on the earth, and made the earth look like the day, and gave all things a veil of gauze. The moon's white figure reflected in the lake, making the river mysterious. A gentle peeze rippled the surface of the lake, making the moon's round face wrinkled, and there were small fish to make it. There was a silver glow on the lake, as if someone had dropped a large sum of money into the lake.

Today is the Mid-Autumn festival, is the day of gathering, look at this round full moon I thought about the frontier soldiers guarding the border, in order to defend the motherland, let's go home together, cannot be reunited with his family. I think they will be thinking of their hometown and their families in the next month, just as li bai said, "look up in the moon and look down your hometown


In autumn, when the tender season leaves, the leaves fall off. August, thick month, osmanthus fragrance float with the atmosphere of joy. The Mid-Autumn festival in August is dotted with a long, lifeless autumn, making autumn more attractive. Under the laurel tree, soak a pot of good tea, in the atmosphere of joy and family and friends with the unpidled chat, this is the hometown August the most beautiful time.

One year before and after National Day, Mid-Autumn festival we these children this coke is poken, because the school is usually on Saturday, Sunday, and then to a special holiday, so we can play. The adults were happy too, because they could have a good reunion with their families. Therefore, the atmosphere is unconsciously harmonious. Before the Mid-Autumn festival, people began to be busy, buying clothes for children, preparing for the worship of ancestors, buying moon cakes, firecrackers, and so on. At home, people won't buy expensive moon cakes, usually in some near the bakery to buy his fellow villager do moon cakes, no decorated beautifully, but affordable, 2 yuan a piece, there are eggs inside. But for all its cheapness, it was a luxury in the poor land of the homeland. The best time to eat this kind of mooncakes, the temptation of golden yellow, often made me beg my mother to cut me to eat. Result the next day throat hoarse, then can not eat. But often can't help but steal to eat, or endure painful cry, mom and dad to defraud throat pain, then in a conversation that mom was know I have a sore throat, but I would like to eat.






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